CIC Learning Lab

Welcome to the CIC Learning Lab! CIC offers a wide range of courses on various products and topics, offered both through Desktop Response training courses on specific topics and multi-day workshops held at CIC’s offices in Greeley, CO. Our expert staff will guide you through the training topics, whether you are a seasoned Infinite Campus veteran looking for a refresher, or if this is your first time working with our products.

All courses are recorded, and are available for viewing 24 x 7 x 365.  Recordings do require a password.

Learning Lab course(s) include free courses and paid courses.  Paid courses may be purchased separately by course, or you may purchase an annual subscription through CIC’s Ongoing Learning Plan (OGLP).  OGLP is available for CIC customers with fewer than 1,000 students in the organization at no charge; larger districts pay a modest fee for access to all live sessions, plus all recorded sessions.   

2024 Course Catalog (PDF)

You can access classes, courses, and workshops below:
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