Data Visualization and Tools

CIC Analysis Portal Content

Is a picture worth a thousand words?  K-12 education data users often want to let “pictures tell the stories” hidden in their data, answering questions of their data for better understanding and improved decision-making.

The CIC Analysis Portal is a collection of database content (using the Infinite Campus Data Warehouse) and pre-built visualization templates, designed specifically for K-12 education data consumers.  CIC provides 100+ SQL Server stored procedures and related tables / views that enable tools like Tableau software to connect and use Infinite Campus data.  User security rights (pulled from Infinite Campus) limit users to only viewing data they have rights in Campus to view, without requiring additional setup or maintenance initially, or when staff change positions, schools, etc.

CIC has developed 1,200+ (updated and growing each year!) Tableau visualization templates in our content.  Demographics, attendance, behavior, grades, assessments, scheduling, health, at-risk / interventions, user surveys, human resources, and finance and more are included.  Customers may choose to use CIC’s AP content “out of the box” for fast and easy implementations.  Alternatively, customers may choose to make adjustments (themselves or with CIC’s help) as desired.  

CIC Reports on the Portal (ROTP)

Many customers want to share visualizations for a specific student with students and parents on the Campus Portals, and / or within Infinite Campus custom screens.  CIC developed our Reports on the Portal (ROTP) application to do just that!  As the underlying data changes, so do the visualizations in real-time.

ROTP also may be used with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports, enabling custom report cards, transcripts and other reports to be shared online with parents and students on the Campus Portals.

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